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Wisdom tooth removal team

For many people, a wisdom tooth may become a nightmare in so many ways. It may for one fail to emerge from beneath the gum at the right time to see it.

What oral & maxillofacial surgeon will do?

An oral and maxillofacial surgeon has the requisite training on how to deal with impacted wisdom tooth. Our oral & maxillofacial surgeon will look at your case and evaluate it. In the event of an infection, he will first administer antibiotics to deal with the infection. The procedure for wisdom tooth extraction begins with the local anaesthesia being administered to reduce pain in the tooth. You will notice that general anaesthesia will only be given in the case where both the wisdom teeth will be removed in one fell swoop. Fasting on the eve of the surgery will usually be recommended to make the anaesthesia effective.

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Recovery from tooth extraction

The recovery period takes handful of days. During this post-operation period, you will be required to take some prescribed painkillers.

Removal of wisdom teeth

The process of the removal of wisdom teeth starts with gum opening where the teeth are located. The tissues connecting the bone to the teeth are severed as the surgeon reaches for the teeth. In some cases, the surgeon will break down the teeth into fragments to make the extraction easier.

The cotton pads may soak in blood and may be required to be changed. In the event the bleeding does not abate within 24 hours after discharge, call our oral surgeon.

At this time of recovery, the inside of the mouth is sensitive to any kind of biting; you should avoid the cheek, the lip or the tongue.

You may rinse your mouth with warm salty water a number of times to lower the swelling.

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Once the surgeon is done with the wisdom tooth extraction, he will stitch you at the point where the wisdom tooth was situated, subject to removal a few days later. In case you start bleeding, our oral & maxillofacial surgeon will help control it by giving you cotton gauze to place on the wound.

To check on bleeding, support your head with a pillow and as such you should not lie flat; elevated upper side of the body will reduce bleeding.

Smoking during this recovery because the sucking action deters clotting and can cause more bleeding.

Exercise is discouraged as it may cause more bleeding.

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